Did you know that remote educators are in high demand? Not only are online tutoring jobs plentiful, but there are many different ways to make money from home if you enjoy teaching others. So, let’s first talk about the difference between online tutoring and teaching jobs.

A tutor is an informal professional who gives an individual extra instruction in any given subject. You’ll need to have extensive knowledge of a subject (English, calculus, biology, Spanish, algebra, trigonometry, and so on), but in some cases, you don’t need any specialized training to be a tutor. Some examples are a college student majoring in chemistry, a retired school teacher, or a person who is fluent in more than one language.

When you’re working as a tutor, you can work as an employee or an independent contractor, or you can choose to open up your own home-based tutoring business. Tutors generally charge by the hour and make an average of $19.36 per hour