With these resources, there’s absolutely no way you shouldn’t be able to find a job that’s ideal for you. Whether you’re wanting a full-time job, extra income, or need to save up money before the holidays, finding an online job has become much easier.

If you’re ready to start your work from home career, check out the opportunities I’ve shared below!

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75 Companies That Pay You to Work from Home 

This article will give you more insight on the most popular companies that pay you to work from home this year.

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If you're ready to start a work from home career, there's no way you shouldn't land one of these online jobs. Here's a free list of 75 companies you can apply with this year!

Full-Time Work at Home Jobs

1. Concentrix – Read review – This company offers work at home jobs in areas of customer care, billing human resources and sales among others. Apart from training at no cost, the regular positions attract a pay of $9 every hour but support agents in tech get paid $12 every hour.

2. Sitel – This company hires employees to handle inquiries on account billing, provide tech support and answer inbound calls. You have to be conversant with sales techniques and then get paid between $9 and $11 per hour plus a benefits package.

3. Asurion – is an ideal employer for those that enjoy offering customer service to different individuals. The company has many clients from different areas that need help from their customer service team.

4. American Express – Read Review – This company offers sales related jobs that involve handling inbound calls while answering customer inquiries. Payment is from $16.13 per hour that comes with benefits as well as incentives. Search the keyword “Virtual” for any available at home positions.

5. VIP Desk Connect – This company hires individuals to work from home as brand ambassadors as part of the outsourcing service they offer. The ambassadors need to be passionate while connecting with clients through e-mail, phone and chat among others.

6. Uhaul – Read review –  This company is always looking for reservation sales agents to handle their clients both in the USA as well as Canada. Payment is hourly from $12 to $14, which can include bonuses as per state wages.

7. Teletech – This company provided jobs to people seeking to work from home in different positions. You will be paid hourly, around $9 plus paid training and benefits package.

8. OutPlex – The positions available are for customer service agents who are responsible for scheduling appointments for patients and answering their inquiries. Experience for at least one year is required.

9. Apple – This company offers positions for home advisors that handle issues concerning technical aspects of the products and customer service. You must participate in the training to be hired as a home based worker so as to receive the benefits offered by Apple.

10. Smith AI – The company offers virtual receptionists services in the US for people who have experience in the clerical field. Receptionists will be able to work from home. Depending on the client a virtual receptionist can be working with a team of fellow assistants from across the nation.

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11. Connections Academy offers education solutions virtually to students in different companies. The company manages a number of programs that ensure their students succeed both academically and in their personal life.

12. Accounting Department offers jobs to individuals that have experience in book keeping, appointment setting and payroll.

13. Working Solutions – At this company, you are hired as an independent contractor to work in areas such as sales, technical support and data entry among others. Payment is per project and can be from $7.50 to $30.00 for every hour.

15. Sykes Home, formerly known as Alpine Access, hires home agents based in Canada and the United States to offer support in areas such as video gaming, healthcare and taking of orders among others.

16. Century Link – This company is a popular work from home employer for customer service job positions. They offer training programs for employees that want to advance in their career.

17. ABC Financial – ABC Financial offers customer service jobs to home based workers to answer calls for members of their health club. Jobs are for people that reside in Washington, Texas, Arkansas, Maine and Georgia among others.

Part Time Work at Home Jobs

18. Liveops –hires call center agents that are home based to receive inbound calls from customers. No experience needed to become one of their independent agents.

19. Time Etc – This company hires virtual assistants that are based in the US as well as United Kingdom. Payment starts from $11 but can get to $16 for experienced workers.

20. Pleio-Goodstart – This company hires work at home worker to take up the position of a “Good Starter.” The Good Starter calls patients to patients that need to be reminded to take prescriptions and set a schedule that works for them.

21. Voice Log – The company offers part time independent contractors that are home based jobs whereby they provide recording and call verification services. They have jobs currently available for US citizens.

22. Leapforce – This company has job positions for web evaluators that are home based. Applicants are needed to successfully complete their exam to get hired and get paid between $13 and $15 every hour.

23. Brain Fuse offers tutoring jobs online. Tutors are called coaches and are experienced professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree. Tutors must complete an intensive onboarding process prior to assisting Brainfuse users. Payment on average is $10-$15/hr.

24. Aim 4 A Tutoring – The company hires online tutors that can handle different subjects that are taught in schools. Applications for this job are always accepted and should include salary requirements, availability in terms of hours and a Skype name among others.

25. Sedgwick hires agents that work from home to make calls that connect the customer to the right customer service claims specialist who is right for their case. One (1) year of clerical or customer service experience or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred. Payment on average is $13-$16/hr.

26. Tutor ABC – Working as a tutor online is possible on this site as long as you are a graduate. Online applicants are accepted with teaching experience in ESL giving you an advantage over others.

27. Metaverse Mod Squad – Metaverse offers different positions for moderators namely customer service reps, social media reps and content moderators. These moderators are responsible for communicating with customers via chat or phone and moderating digital content respectively.

28. Wonder –  This company has work at home positions that require you to engage in research of topics and then submit a written summary of the findings to clients. The position is ideal for those that love searching the web for information.

29. ICUC –  ICUC hires moderators that are home based  to ensure that brands are protected. The Canadian firm ensures that copyrighted content as well as information is properly monitored by their team.

30. Appen Butler Hill – This company employs  search engine evaluators that are home based to US citizens. You must be a college graduate to be hired with payment hourly for at least $15.

31. Homework Help  – This company hires online tutors to assist students with their homework assignments. Students are connected to professional tutors in subjects such as English, math and science among others.

32. ProUnlimited– They provide jobs for professionals experienced in all areas of staffing, including but not limited to contracts management, consulting and technical services, vendor-on-premise management, and traditional temp placement.

33. ACD Direct –  This is a call center that offers jobs that involve answering calls from for pledge campaigns organized by  non-profit organizations. The jobs are done on a flexible schedule and pay is between  $0.25 and  $0.30 for every minute you talk.

34. Skillshare – This company offers you a chance to teach subjects that you know well and earn money from it.  Classes are easy to create with the rate to be paid by students  that enroll set by you.

Freelance Jobs

35. Upwork – This company offers  a lot of jobs that are low-budget jobs but the possibility of finding clients that pay well for work done also exists. The jobs are varied and can be done by beginners as  well as professionals from every corner of the world.

36. Guru – The site has a list of job opportunities that cover over one hundred professions with varied pay rates. Some of the jobs on the site include administrative support, website design, business consulting and graphic design among others.

37. RemotiveIO –  Remotive offers many jobs which include research work, web development, marketing, graphic design and writing among others. There is no fee associated with applying for jobs.

38. Freelance Writing Gigs –  This site focuses on providing paying jobs for publishers, writers, bloggers and editors. If you have a passion for writing and can put words together well, this site is for you.

39. 99 Designs – This is a platform that gives freelance designers, a chance to earn money through designs that they create. You can compete in a number of design contests for feedback on your work as well.

40. Fiverr – is a marketplace where members put up their services for sale at a rate of five dollars as the minimum.  Payment  through PayPal for every task is five dollars but the site retains a dollar.

41. Envato Studios – This is a micro job site that offers job to skilled professionals  through a number of online companies. The services offered on the site attract varied rates which you set as a member on the site.

42. GigBucks – If you are good at providing solutions then you can make money by offering them on this site.  The tasks completed on this site attract a basic pay of $5 but can increase to $50 depending on work done.

43. Freelancer – This company provides a platform for freelancers to list their services and get paid whenever they work for a client. On the site, you can get paid between $2 and $100 for every service sold on the site.

44. Behance – This company is ideal for creative people as well as artists looking to earn money online. This market place allows you  be paid for freelance work done as a photographer, designer or illustrator among others.

45. iFreelance –  Get paid to offer services such as programming, freelance writing and web design by this company. They offer many projects put up by businesses seeking such services at a certain fee.

46. Just Remote– This company offers jobs for different skill sets, making it possible to find one that pays well. It is ideal for designers, developers, engineers, coders and consultants and more.

47. PeoplePerHour – Earn money by offering SEO services, design work and web development services to customers on this platform. Freelancers can offer services focused on websites.

Seasonal Work at Home Jobs

48. 1800 Flowers – This floral company hires home-based customer service agents during their busy seasons, which are Valentines and Mothers Day.  Even so, an agent can be offered a permanent position as a reward for  excellent  performance.

49. Amazon – The company hires customer service representatives to work at home especially during the holidays. The customer service staffs assist in handling the thousands of orders that come up during such seasons.

50. Teleflora– The company seasonal customer service jobs for those living in the U.S. and Canada. Agents are paid paid state minimum wage for the training period (12-16 hours) . After training the pay will bump up to $8 per hour. For each season (e.g., Christmas, Mother’s Day) completed agents are rewarded with a $250 bonus.

51. Omni Interactions – Omni offers legitimate work from home gigs in your spare time to make money. If you have the skills to provide great customer service support via phone, email, text, and live chat then Omni Interactions will allow you to work from home offering this service to Fortune 500 companies.

52. Groupon – This company hires customer service workers to help their customers with their inquiries through phone or email. You will have to learn about how Groupon works to succeed at the job.

53. Vial Resorts– Vial Resorts offers temporary winter holiday online seasonal jobs. They are recruiting for Remote Reservation Agents and winter season Sales Agents.

54. Nordstrom – This specialty retailer hires customer care representatives on a seasonal basis. The representatives will be a symbol for the HauteLook, which is a brand of the clothing store.

55. Skullcandy – Skullcandy is a company that is involved in the marketing and sales related to audio as well as technology. They are offering brand ambassador positions to help build their brand while marketing products.

56. Intuit – This company hires full-time, part-time, and seasonal at home agents for the tax season. Expect to work at least 30 to 40 hours per week. The average starting pay for a tax preparer is $15.50 per hour. These are employee-based positions with benefits like medical, health, 401k, and more.

57. Home Shopping Network – Earn money doing home based jobs in customer support and sales.  The pay is hourly between $10 and $11 for both jobs.

58. Yardi-Matrix –  This company offers phone jobs on a seasonal basis, which usually lasts about six weeks. The hiring process is done annually on three occasions, namely April, August and December .

59. Cool works – This site offers seasonal jobs to both young and older people that want to make some money in hotel jobs. Some of the jobs on offer are home based while others require jobs to be done on location.

Online Tasks and Gigs

60. Mturk – Offers human intelligence tasks that can be completed quickly to those seeking work from home jobs. Some of these tasks include web testing, data entry and freelance writing among others.

61. Slice the Pie – Make money submitting reviews on uploaded music on the site. The music by upcoming artists, when reviewed  on a consistent basis  can earn you  at least $50 or more.

62. Task Rabbit – Complete menial tasks at business premises or homes and get paid by the company. Applicants are required to go through a video interview and also submit  background check information.

63. Click N Work – This company hired worker from every part of the world to do different tasks. The tasks include web based work, data entry, interviews and research among others with pay varying per project.

64. CrowdSource – Get paid when online tasks such as writing, transcription and image tagging are completed. These tasks usually take a short time to get done.

65. Cash Crate – This company makes it possible to get paid for watching videos, completing offers, online shopping and more. Payment can be between $30 and even more, which is done through PayPal or check.

66. ClixSense – Get paid whenever you view ads or even perform other tasks on the company’s site. Payments for the tasks completed are done through PayPal or even Payza.

67. Easy Shift – This is a shift based job that may include photography or monitoring of price checks through mobile phones. Payment is between $2.00 and $20.00 through PayPal for every completed task.

68. Clickworker – This company offers a platform for short tasks to be completed and get paid. The tasks offered by the site include transcription, taking surveys and copy writing among others.

69. SEO clerks – Sell your services on this micro site for varied prices depending on the work put in. some of the popular services include blog commenting, link building and proof reading among others.

70. Crowdflower – This company hires home based workers to do tasks required by their clients through their site. They have number of jobs displayed for freelancers to do and get paid once it is completed.

71. Just Answer – Get paid for answering questions that have been asked by site users in a satisfactory manner. Applications are always accepted for the various categories displayed and the pay is done according to questions answered.

72. Task Rabbit– TaskRabbit is a company in the short tasks, crowdsourcing, and micro jobs business. It is an online marketplace for buying and selling services and is used by well-known companies such as Ikea. Taskers, those providing services, and clients can find each other and set the terms of the job.

73. Commission junction –Get paid for displaying affiliate links associated with this companion your blog. If your blog has a lot of traffic, you can get paid much more whenever the links are displayed.

74.  Telus International – This company offers jobs in data entry that are simple to do and get paid after completion. The jobs are on high demand and you might have to wait for a certain time period before being hired.

75. The Forum Wheel – Get paid for placing your comments on various online platforms put up by this company. Chat agents are paid on a daily basis but have to reach a minimum payment threshold.

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