Udemy is a marketplace where you can take a course or teach one online. Courses are on anything and everything, whenever and wherever you want them.Udemy is a marketplace where you can take a course or teach one online. Courses are on anything and everything, whenever and wherever you want them. Udemy’s mission is empowering learning on-demand, that is accessible, at affordable prices, and which are flexible and simple. Upon enrollment of a course, you get a lifetime access. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, you can request for a full refund; this should be within 30 days of making a purchase.

Udemy makes it easy for individual instructors to start. All you need is to have some valuable thing you are competent at and are confident in instructing. The steps are as simple as creating your course, setting a price and starting your selling to the more than three million students already registered. These students enroll mainly due to the heavy promotion done by the website as well as the marketing done by the instructors.

Most instructors have one or two classes that are sparsely attended. A number of this utilizes multiple classes so as to enhance a modest business. A few instructors are able to make large sums of income. In the initial year of its operation, Udemy’s top ten teachers made earnings totaling to $1.6 million. You do not have to struggle any more with your courses. This article will show you how you can make more money on Udemy and join the list of top earners in the website.

How To Market Your Videos

Marketing begins way before you start on your production.  Ask for opinion from potential buyers on what kind of material they would like to access. Utilize social media such as your LinkedIn group, Facebook group, or your email list. This will help you achieve great marketing while getting an audience research. People like to be exposed to multiple channels to a product prior to purchasing it. Communication should not stop here; rather it should be consistent throughout the entire creation process of the product. Answer questions continually, monitor all feedback and create your course based on the information you collect.

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Make multiple courses

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The first course you make on video will most likely not be your best. The best way to ensure quality is to make as many videos on courses as you can. Try as much as you can to match the same quality production values as TV documentary. The videos should be 4-5 minutes long. Do not merge your courses, each video should stand alone with instructions on how to accomplish tasks or alleviate a specific problem. The video should start with you stating what the audience should expect from it, do what you have alluded, and conclude by recapping what you have done.

Branding Your Video

The beginning and the end of the video should be branded with your face, logo brand and web address. This makes for great marketing as well as creating audience research. People need to be exposed to multiple channels of a product prior to purchasing. Communication should continue through the entire process of product creation. Answer questions continually, monitor your feedback, and create your course accordingly. Avoid concluding your video with a PowerPoint presentation. A PowerPoint presentation will dilute any impact your video may have on your target audience.

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Course description

The course title should communicate what the course benefits are to the students.  The subtitle, lecture titles and description should be optimized with the audience’s benefit in mind. The content promotion should be eye-catching and attractive. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and communicate the value to the target market on the sales page of your course. If you are not good at designing, Udemy will create an image for your course.


Work at creating relationships with other instructors on Udemy. The Udemy Studio Facebook Group is the best way to interact with the online instructors.  This will create opportunities for cross-promoting each course at a reduction. You will also need to create relationships with Udemy affiliates. Rakuten LinkShare manages the affiliate comprehensive Udemy scheme. Affiliates are able to create links to your Udemy courses by utilizing reduction coupons. Other sites you can woo affiliates include Facebook groups such as the unofficial Udemy Affiliate Partners, and the official Udemy Affiliate Program. Further, make sure that you have free students who will give positive feedback on your course.  Continual student engagement via the messaging system or discussion will ensure an increase in customer satisfaction which will most likely result in good feedback and good reviews.

Marketing your course

If Udemy directs a student to your course, your share of the revenue is 50%. If the student accesses your course through your own effort, you earn 100% of the revenue. The average instructor earns approximately $7000 from courses on Udemy, though there is a broad outcomes range. Instructors with large social media followings and who are capable of mobilizing their own audience to make purchases can earn six figures annually. To market your course, you need to be passionate about your subject matter. Your subject should also be something people would be willing to learn. The courses which perform well are those that have an outcome that is definite. Courses that teach on skills that are saleable or can earn students money are very popular. Marketing strategies include:

Email marketing. You need to create your own email list. Create discounts on the courses you are offering using the Udemy coupons and then offer to your email list, sometimes for a short specific time. Do this straight after you create a course. The initial sales rush will potentially appear good to Udemy, and will prompt the site to feature your course more favorably. It will also give a great picture on student numbers as well as social proof with 5-star reviews.

YouTube. This should be your first stop to learn your product as well as discover what people are interested in. You should invest in quality hardware such as a screen-casting camera and also a tool for video editing. This will help you shoot a good HD video. You will need a USB microphone for good quality audio. Ensure the microphone is positioned in a way that allows your mouth to be close and eliminate any background noise. Once you have created your video, put it on YouTube with a discounted price and a link to your Udemy account. You can also add the link to your Kindle book on the video.

Leverage on the existing Udemy Audience

It is much easier to make sales to students who are already Udemy users. Offer discount coupons to existing students in the platform, the take-up will be good. Udemy’s Announcements system will enable you to target students by start dates and completion percentage. The announcements are sent to the students’ inboxes, whose addresses you are in no possession of.  However, you can only give discounts to students in your paid courses and not those enrolled in the free courses. Alternatively, you can make your course free at first, get as many students as you can, then change the course to a paid one to promote to them. You may also get students with free coupons and on paid courses.

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