Would you like to work from home, but you’re not sure which path to take? Then keep reading for my favorite work-at-home courses to give your career the boost it needs!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t need a college degree to have a good-paying home-based career. Even though I have two college degrees, I’m not using any of what I learned in college to make money today.

Everything I’m doing today to earn money from home, I’ve learned along the way. I read books, attended conferences, and took online courses. Not only am I the happiest I’ve ever been in my professional life, but I’m earning more than I ever did as a nurse.

With advances in technology, more jobs can be done from home, and startup costs for launching your own business are little to nothing. Best of all, there are many affordable work-at-home training courses in a variety of niches that can get you up and running in as little as a week!

If you’re ready to make money from home this year — here are some work-at-home courses you MUST explore!

1. Amazon Boot Camp 4.0

In 2008, Jessica Larrew lost her job and started a side gig selling products on Amazon, otherwise known as retail arbitrage. Today she and her husband, Cliff, earn a full-time income from home selling products on Amazon and are teaching others how to do the same.

Amazon Boot Camp 4.0