Are you looking for the best free alternatives to online data entry jobs? Try these legitimate work from home opportunities.Are you looking for the best free alternatives to online data entry jobs?

The publicity and attention that has been given to online data entry jobs recently have been so out of this world. Virtually every independent contractor you come across is looking for a data entry job.

What most people fail to realize is that Data entry jobs do not pay a fraction of what other work at home jobs pay.

People have fallen in love with data entry jobs because it is always in abundance which means there would always be work to do.

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Another reason why people are very much in love with data entry is due to the fact that, there is little or no training required in order to fulfill the job responsibilities which means anybody can apply for a data entry job.

In the past, I loved Data entry jobs and even till now, I still share articles related to data entry for people who want to work without skills or experience.

However, one reason why I am losing interest in data entry is the fact that the pay is not motivating in any way. After spending several hours fulfilling a data entry task, you will find that the hourly rate is too small for the work you have done. The reason why the pay is very low is due to the great supply of data entry manpower.


What Are The Best Alternatives To Online Data Entry Jobs

In this article, I will be sharing some alternatives to data entry jobs that you may not have thought of.

However, before I do this, let us quickly take a look at some of the reasons why you are interested in data entry jobs.

  • No training required
  • Educational background is not important
  • Work is always available
  • No complicated tools required
  • Flexible schedule

One thing you do not know is this; there are other data entry alternatives that whose criteria are the same as the one discussed above. Some of the alternatives to data entry jobs are:


Working as a transcriptionist is a very interesting way of making cool cash while working from home. You do not need any special training to work from home as a transcriptionist. All you need is the ability to listen and type what you have listened to on paper. The pay is far lucrative than any data entry job you have ever carried out. Here are a few companies to check out:


Chats and Email

This is another interesting alternative to data entry jobs. You can work with some companies as an Email customer service agent. The market for Chat and Email Agent is developing by the day. This means that if you love typing and you do not want to do data entry jobs again, you can apply with a customer service company or any company that hires people into the position. Lots of companies offer chats and email customer service job.

Companies like Apple, The Chat Shop, Best Buy, and Liveperson hire agents to work in their chats and email customer service section.



Another alternative to data entry job is to work as a writer. A lot of people are afraid to work as writers because they believe the work is difficult. Let me tell you this; working as a writer is one of the best ways to make cool cash and the work is not as challenging as most people think. If you feel you have what it takes to succeed as a writer, then you can apply for an online writing job with these 50+ legitimate companies.

Data entry jobs are good though the pay is not encouraging enough and that is why I have shared these alternatives. Pick one of them when you want to quit your data entry job and you would never regret making that decision to forgo data entry jobs.

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