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Ah, the golden years. For many, it’s a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. But what if you want to work a little bit during retirement too?

There are many jobs for retirees that could supplement your income and enhance your overall happiness. And the best news — there are more work-from-home jobs for seniors to consider than ever before.

The industries below offer everything from full-time to freelance to part-time jobs. All offer some sort of workplace flexibility that allows older workers the opportunity to balance their business life with their personal life, thereby letting them enjoy their retirement while still staying active through work.

Following are common job categories that are perfect for retirees, along with recent work-from-home job openings from the FlexJobs database.

1. Accounting and Finance

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If numbers are your thing, then you can count your way toward a new job in accounting and finance. A career in this industry can be anything from handling accounts payable to organizing records and bill paying.

Taking on a corporate, small-business, or individual clientele will help you build a small business of your own.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Commercial Accounting Coordinator
  • Tax Research Analyst
  • Credit Analyst – Asset-Based Lending

2. Administrative

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Those who work in the administrative field may handle personnel matters, manage projects, or be responsible for all incoming and outgoing communications. They may even have financial duties, depending on the position.

Time management and organizational skills are also a must, as is a natural ability to take charge of a situation and organize it for the benefit of a client.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Cardmember Assistance
  • Medicaid Eligibility Advocate
  • Office Assistant

3. Customer Service

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Customer service representatives interact with customers over the phone, email, and chat. They are the point of contact for a company and help customers solve their problems or answer their questions.

You’ll need basic computer skills, such as data entry; internet search skills to help you find answers; and the ability to juggle assisting multiple customers at the same time.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Corporate Contact Specialist
  • Support Specialist Tier 1
  • Inbound Customer Service Representative – PM Shifts

4. Editing

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If you’ve got an eagle-eye for detail, grammar, and spelling, editing may be the perfect career for you. As an editor, you’ll review, proofread, and change written work before it’s published. You may even be asked to do some of your own writing or even supervise other writers.

Editors work for print and digital publications and can work as a freelancer or as an employee.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Content Copywriter
  • Medical Proofreader

5. Education and Training

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Those who love working with people and helping them learn new things are suited for a career in education and training. In addition to helping develop and assign lessons, educators are also responsible for evaluating their students’ understanding and knowledge on various topics.

Patience and a desire to educate are two main characteristics of those who work in this field.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Music Appreciation Teacher
  • Practice Management and Productivity Coach
  • Partnership Training Lead

6. Nonprofit and Philanthropy

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If you’re looking to do good in this world, a career at a nonprofit may be the key. Nonprofit work may be done for environmental or green organizations, as well as local community organizations that are helping those who are disadvantaged.

Workers in nonprofit and philanthropy typically possess administrative skills and have a huge desire to aid in the betterment of their community — and the world.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Epic Inpatient Clinical Manager
  • Graph Consultant
  • Research and Reporting Database Associate

7. Translation

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Interpreters and translators speak, read, and write fluently in at least two languages. As an interpreter or translator, you’ll convert information from one language into another language.

If you’re fluent in English and another language, you’re an ideal candidate to become an interpreter or translator.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • English, Spanish Language Interpreter
  • ASL – American Sign Language Video Interpreter
  • Turkish Document Reviewer – Legal, Claim Reviews

8. Writing

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If you have a love of words, you can definitely find a position as a writer. Writers can find work in various outlets, such as traditional newspapers and magazines, as well as websites, forums, and blogs.

Falling into two categories (authors and technical writers), writers may often be referred to as copywriters, bloggers, editors, columnists, or even news writers. Strong research and writing skills are crucial for this industry.

Recent work-from-home job openings:

  • Content Strategist and UX Copywriter
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Content Copywriter

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