Let’s face it, working outside of the home while pregnant can present a range of challenging issues, from additional physical discomfort to unneeded stress and strain. There are many ways that you can ditch the office job and work from home while waiting for your new bundle to arrive. 

During my last two pregnancies, I worked full-time while balancing the demands of pregnancy and little ones at home. 

The stress of going to work was overwhelming, and I would often find myself fantasizing about how relieving it would feel to work from home. Thankfully there are a plethora of work-at-home jobs now available that allow pregnant women to work (did I mention in sweatpants?) from the comfort of their own homes!

10 Best Work-at-Home Jobs for Pregnant Women.

Whether you’re transitioning out of your 9-to-5 in preparation for your maternity leave or you’re simply looking to increase your income before adding a new bundle to your home, you’ve come to the right place for finding the best work-at-home jobs for pregnant women.

Here are the best at-home jobs for pregnant women. Before diving into our list of jobs down below, check out a few tools to help make the transition easier, so you’re fully prepared for your new journey. 

Now that you’re pregnant, you may find your tolerance level for uncomfortable situations is slowly dwindling. You’ve probably also noticed swings in your energy levels. 

Knowing your own tolerance levels and prepping ahead of time will ensure that your surroundings are properly set up for work-at-home success while pregnant.

Below are a few of my favorite go-to items that are certain to help create a comfortable work environment while you’re pregnant.

These tools are:

  • Comfort: Pillows to prop my feet when my ankles were the size of balloons
  • Food: A stash of healthy snacks by my side (especially nutritious snacks for that needed energy boost)
  • H2O: Water, water, and MORE water—hydration was my BFF… make sure it’s yours!
  • Ergonomic Desk: Finding the right desk and chair to sit in for short periods (remember, even with the most comfortable chair