Are you a talented artist, crafter, knitter, or seamstress? Would you like to make money from home with a craft job?

Great news! There are lots of money-making opportunities for artisans and crafters–and the market for handmade and DIY products has never been better, particularly with the growing availability of online resources.

From selling your crafts on Etsy to writing about your projects to sharing how-to instructions with others, the opportunities for crafters are wide open.

If you’re artsy and crafty, check out these great craft jobs for stay-at-home moms.

1. Craft Blogger

If you’re full of ideas or ingenious solutions to crafting problems—you’ve already found your perfect blog topic! Craft blogging is a huge niche that encompasses a wide variety of mediums, including paper, photography, painting, printmaking, jewelry design, and home decor, all fall under crafting.

Perhaps you enjoy creating crafts with your kids, making pottery, or even holiday-specific craftwork. Maybe you’re interested in blogging about knitting, sewing, or quilting; the topics are endless.

Many stay-at-home moms who want to start a blog struggle with what to write about, but for crafters, simply doing what you love provides you with an endless well of ideas and topics surrounding your crafts. If you’re an expert crafter, setting up and starting a blog is a natural extension to share your talents.

Get started by reading other craft blogs in your niche to learn the best practices. Try recording your process on video. Share detailed, step-by-step instructions to help your audience connect with your projects and content. Use Pinterest and other social media sites to drive traffic to your blog.

With work, it’s possible to turn your crafting blog into a full-time source of income. That’s what Jennifer Maker