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Amid a tight labor market, many employers continue to look for ways to counter staffing shortages and lure potential hires back into the workforce.

While some use creative benefits or work-from-home options as hiring draws, others hope to attract employees quickly with immediate cash in the form of a signing bonus.

Many notable, large corporations are offering sign-on bonuses — from $300 as a shift manager at McDonald’s to $3,000 as a customer service representative at AT&T and up to $10,000 as a baggage handler with United.

The amount of the hiring bonuses varies greatly across each company and does change. But a quick browse through a corporation’s career page can show you what’s available. Here’s what we found.

18 Companies Offering Jobs With Hiring Bonuses

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Some of the most notable companies offering hiring bonuses include:

  1. AT&T
  2. United Airlines
  3. Amazon
  4. Sysco
  5. McDonald’s
  6. CVS
  7. Walmart
  8. Marriott
  9. Wegmans
  10. FedEx
  11. Sheetz
  12. Hilton
  13. Alaska Air
  14. Verizon
  15. Omni
  16. Comcast
  17. Transit systems
  18. Local and state governments


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The communications giant has thousands of available positions at all times, and many come with a nice hiring bonus.

Some examples include $3,000 for a customer service rep, $3,000 for inbound call center sales employees and typically $5,000 for installation technicians, though some locations offer $10,000.

United Airlines

A United Airlines airplane takes flight
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United Airlines is currently offering significant sign-on bonuses even for lower-paying jobs — such as up to $10,000 for part-time baggage handlers.

Other positions that come with sign-on bonuses are $10,000 for a facility maintenance technician and an aircraft maintenance technician.


Amazon driver
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The retail giant regularly offers hundreds of positions with sign-on bonuses, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

Current opportunities include 128 shifts for a fulfillment center warehouse associate that pay a $3,000 bonus.


Courier driving a delivery truck
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The food service company also offers quite a few signing bonuses with its jobs.

Sysco’s career page shows a facility technician position with a $7,000 bonus, as well as a CDL delivery truck driver position that offers a $7,500 bonus.


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Working for the Golden Arches can come with a financial boost if you apply for the right positions in the right places.

Many jobs offer $100 to $1,000 sign-on bonuses, including department managers, shift managers, maintenance crew and morning prep team members.


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CVS offers an array of jobs with bonuses — including $5,000 for a Medicare field sales representative and $1,500 for pharmacy technicians.

(Pro tip: Use “bonus” as your search term on the jobs page.)


Walmart checkout lanes
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Walmart isn’t offering many bonuses right now — outside of eye-popping bonuses for pharmacists — but hiring bonuses include $2,000 for retail project managers and $1,000 for an optician.


Marriott Hotel, San Diego.
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The hospitality industry has been desperate for workers since the pandemic, and Marriott is no exception.

The giant hotel company has positions throughout the world that offer sign-on bonuses — like $1,000 for a banquet cook, $1,000 for a steward and $5,000 for a sales executive.


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This grocery store chain with 109 locations, many of which are in the Northeast, is currently offering large sign-on bonuses of $10,000 and $5,000 for CDL Class A truck drivers.

It also has a variety of positions offering a $500 bonus, like overnight associate, prep cook and barista.


Electric FedEx truck in Chicago
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The global delivery company has also recently jumped on the signing bonus bandwagon. Jobs with sign-on bonuses include $1,000 for warehouse workers, retail customer service associates and maintenance techs.


Convenience store
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This East Coast-based convenience store chain currently offers several jobs with sign-on bonuses, from $500 for regular team members to $1,000 for supervisors.


Woman talking to hotel maid

Like Marriott, Hilton is an international hotel chain with plenty of employment opportunities.

Depending on the location, jobs with $300 to $1,000 hiring bonuses include barista, banquet cook and room attendant.

Alaska Air

Alaska Airlines
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United isn’t the only airline getting on the sign-on bonus bandwagon. Alaska Air offers some opportunities as well for potential candidates who live in the Northwest.

Positions include a ground service agent with a $2,500 bonus, a ramp service agent position offers a $2,500 bonus, and a station agent position offers $1,000.


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Verizon currently has hundreds of positions across the country with pretty nice signing bonuses. It offers $2,500 for a variety of positions, such as retail sales associate and retail sales representative.

Heftier bonuses of $10,000 come into play for account managers and sales executives.


Front-desk worker at a hotel
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Another hotel chain with quite a few jobs with sign-on bonuses is Omni Hotels & Resorts.

Omni runs the gamut from $250 for a dining room attendant and valet agent, $500 for a housekeeping attendant to $1,500 for a front desk agent and $3,000 for an overnight office manager.


Comcast trucks
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The telecommunications corporate giant has plenty of opportunities across the country. It currently has signing bonuses for sales professionals ($2,000), installation technicians ($1,500) and retail sales professionals ($2,000), plus hundreds more.

Local Transit Systems

bus driver
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Transit companies across the country are in need of bus drivers. WeGo Public Transit in Nashville, Tennessee, offers a $1,000 to $2,000 bonus depending on qualifications.

A transit van driver position in Kansas City offers $500. And a bus driver position in Napa, California, comes with a $3,000 bonus.

Portland, Oregon’s public transit system, TriMet, currently offers $7,500 sign-on bonuses for bus drivers — no CDL required.

Local and State Governments

Engineer or technician checking a water supply valve
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Governments are also posting many positions with sign-on bonuses.

Glendale, Arizona, is offering a $2,000 bonus for a water services technician position. The state of Colorado will pay up to a $7,000 bonus for correctional officers. And Porter, Texas, is paying $2,000 bonuses for youth mental health specialists.

A bonus spot on our bonuses list: U.S. Army

Army soldier salutes
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Though not a company, the U.S. Army is offering quite the incentive for new recruits.

In 2022, the Army announced it will pay up to $50,000 – its largest bonus ever – to recruits who qualify and sign on for a six-year active-duty enlistment.

The bonus package is based on a number of factors that include the selected career field, individual qualifications, length of the contract and the ship date for training.

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