Are you looking for unique ways to make a part-time supplemental income and need more ideas that work for you and your lifestyle?

While there are just about as many ways to make money on the side as there are birds in the sky, it can become overwhelming sifting through the ideas to find what will work for you.

What if you need something easy and flexible that allows you to juggle other side gigs simultaneously, doubling your daily income? 

How About Something Unique Like House Sitting?

How to Make Money with House-Sitting Jobs

Yep, you can make money watching houses, and it can be a nice way to make extra cash! While sometimes your “pay” is the free housing you have for days, weeks, or on some occasions, even months, there are house sitting gigs where you’ll earn money.

Imagine if you need room and board and want to make roughly $25 to $55 or more a night while staying in the homes of owners who are away. Would that appeal to you? Some homeowners will have you take care of their pets, which can increase your daily fee. 

If this sounds like a great way to make some extra money – keep reading for more details about this fun and unique way to make money. 

What is House Sitting?

You may be wondering what house sitting is anyway and how can you can make money doing this. 

Good questions!

House sitting is when a homeowner needs somebody to stay in their home overnight while they’re out of town. Often, you’ll be responsible for watering plants and outdoor landscaping, taking care of any pets they might have, getting the mail, and making sure the house is locked up and secure.

The homeowners hire a house sitter to turn on and off the lights throughout the day and night in the hopes no one suspects they’re out of town. 

And if they are pet owners, they’ll hire you as a pet sitter too. 

House sitters give peace of mind to the homeowner while they’re on vacation or out of town that their home and pets are being taken care of. 

You’ll get instructions specific to each house sitting job. Items may include which vet to take the pet to if an emergency comes up, security protocols, how to secure homes for the night, and if they want to add services to the house sitting such as pet sitting, housekeeper services, helping with live-in care, and so on. Although mostly, you’re there to simply house sit and possibly pet sit.

How to Become a House Sitter

You’ll want to get the word out in the world about your services, and a great place to begin is just by letting your friends, family, and colleagues know about your services.

You can also join house sitter Facebook groups to find jobs and meet clients and fellow house sitters. 

But you don’t have to stop there. 

Though a great place to begin, there are other ways to get part-time or full-time house sitting jobs besides Facebook groups.

Some ways to house sit would be to find websites that connect house sitters to clients. These websites will charge a yearly fee to access the house sitting jobs. 

They take the legwork and advertising out of it and connect you with clients directly. This can help you in getting your house sitting business off the ground. 

Let’s talk about those sites below!

House Sitting Sites