If you’re looking for customer support, sales, receptionist, or phone operator jobs from home, we have you covered. Check out this massive list of remote customer service jobs! 

Over the years, I’ve worked my fair share of phone jobs.

In college, I worked as an appointment setter for a direct sales team. I also worked as a telemarketer, making phone calls for charities, political campaigns, and Pizza Hut, offering customers a buy one, get one free deal.

After college, I moved to Vail, Colorado, to snowboard for the winter season. To fund this excursion, I worked as a reservation agent at the Lodge at Vail, helping people book hotel rooms.

Later, after obtaining my second degree and my nursing license, I worked on the phone approving medical equipment, supplies, and nursing visits for Medicaid patients.

If you enjoy talking to others and can stay calm under pressure, there are tons of remote customer service jobs where you can get paid to talk on the phone!

What Equipment You’ll Need For Remote Customer Support Jobs

For most remote customer service jobs, you’ll need a hardwired high-speed internet connection; this means no Wi-Fi, satellite, or hotspot connections. A few companies, like Working Solutions and ACD Direct, allow contractors to use DSL connections. Most companies will have job seekers submit an internet speed test along with their job applications. 

Another thing you’ll need is a dedicated home office that is free of distractions; no dogs, kids, or household members should interrupt you while you’re having customer conversations. Since you’ll be sitting for long periods, you should also have an ergonomic desk and office chair. Standing desks are a great option for this kind of remote work. 

Lastly, you’ll need a computer and a hardwired headset. Some companies like Apple, Amazon, and Zapier will provide all the equipment you need to do your job. Other companies, like Williams-Sonoma, do not. Each company has different software programs that they use for their customer service calls and documentation. Be sure to read through these requirements before applying so that you don’t waste time applying for jobs that you’ll be unable to do. 

What Qualifications Do You Need For Remote Customer Service Jobs?

If you’ve never worked from home, customer support jobs are an excellent way to begin your journey. While some companies do require previous work experience, many companies do not. However, you will need excellent communication skills, both written and oral, empathy and passion for helping people, and tech-savviness.

For some customer service roles, you’ll be required to have technical expertise so that you can help customers troubleshoot technical issues. If you enjoy helping customers with their concerns but prefer not to talk on the phone, there are companies that hire online chat and text agents. You can explore this post for information and hiring companies.

50 Remote Customer Service Jobs

This list focuses on remote customer service, tech support, receptionist, lead generation, and sales jobs. Check out this post if you’re searching for telehealth jobs.

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