When I first started working from home, 99% of my business came from word-of-mouth – a design here, a few blog posts there. I started every workday by spending a few hours writing cold emails to friends of friends and pitching to freelance gigs found on various sites and Facebook groups. Finding work was as much a part of my work-at-home job as doing the actual work.

Eventually, though, as you’ll find out if you’re in the work-at-home world long enough, there will come a time when you decide to scale your business, branch out of your current line of work, or diversify your income. So how can you quickly and easily find new clients and customers to fill this gap and take your side hustle full time?

This is how I earned $3,500 on Craigslist in 30 days, using minimal marketing that anyone can do.

Making Money on Craigslist

Make Money on Craigslist: How I Earned $3,500 in 30 Days

Now, I’m going to forewarn you that I made money on Craigslist