Teachers can earn some extra cash (and enjoy a change of pace) from the comfort of home over the summer. Here are ten flexible online summer jobs for teachers so you can achieve that ideal work-life balance during your vacation months.

When that final bell rings on the last day of school, summer begins and offers teachers a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the school year. The Monday through Friday routine is temporarily on hold for the next 60+ days as educators and students enjoy their time off during summer break.

But that two to three-month break from school doesn’t necessarily consist of fun-in-the-sun and leisure-filled days. Many teachers spend the summer months prepping for the new school year or take on a seasonal job to supplement their income.

10 Flexible Online Summer Jobs for Teachers

10 Flexible Online Summer Jobs For Teachers

After 180 days in the classroom following a lesson plan, adhering to a set schedule for the summer may be a less-than-ideal working arrangement for educators on break.

Fortunately, teachers have several online summer job options that offer tons of flexibility and enough freedom to earn extra money while still having plenty of time for summer fun. 

With these ten terrific summer vacation side hustles, there are ideal summer job options for every teacher.

1. Preply

For students who struggle in certain subjects, getting some extra help from a summer tutor can make all the difference in creating the building blocks to finding success in the new school year. 

With the recent advances in technology and the rise of platforms like Preply