Want to make money from home? One easy and fun way you can do that is to come up with items to make and sell from home.

This is a great way to add a little extra income (or full-time income in some cases!) by doing something you enjoy with fairly little start-up capital. Ready to learn more? Here are my top recommendations for the most popular things to make and sell from home.

15 Things to Make and Sell From Home

15 Popular Things to Make and Sell From Home.

With the rise of artisans and small business owners, handmade items have grown in popularity over the last decade. Depending on your cost of supplies, there is undoubtedly the potential to have a lucrative business selling handmade items.

“Handmade” can refer to a massive variety of items, including crochet or knitted goods, printables, polymer clay products, leather items, body scrubs or handmade soaps, and so much more. You’re truly only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Here are the most popular things you can make and sell from home to earn extra cash (or possibly even a full-time income).

1. T-shirts

T-shirts have become a very popular product to make and sell online, most likely because you can start with little to no upfront cost. 

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