If you’re looking for the best free email marketing services, you’re in the right spot. Unfortunately, without the right knowledge, email service providers can be very expensive. Here’s why email marketing is essential for your business and the best free newsletter services to get you started.

Everywhere you look, marketers and online influencers are touting the advice:

“You need to build an email list!”

If you don’t know how or why to start an online newsletter or don’t know which email platform to use, read on. 

Why is building an email list crucial to your business?

7 Best Free Email Newsletter Service Providers.

Many bloggers and online content creators think that using SEO tactics and social media are the best ways to get eyes on their content. It’s true that they can help. 

However, Google and Pinterest’s ever-changing search engine algorithms for website traffic and expensive Facebook ads make it more difficult for online entrepreneurs to use these tools as effectively as they once could years ago.

In addition to this, any customers you receive from e-commerce platforms such as Etsy are the platform’s customers, not yours.

So, why is everyone saying you need to start a newsletter? It’s simple. 

Successful marketing is built on visibility and a target audience — two things that newsletters give you.

The fact is that if you rely on any of these outside resources to find readers (or clients) and one or more of them shut down, you will lose a significant source of customers and traffic.

But with email marketing, you have complete control. 

Not only do you own your list, but you don’t have to rely on the changes other platforms make to serve the platform. If you want to grow and nurture your business, email marketing is the way to go.

Why email marketing is essential for your business

Not convinced? Here are 5 things newsletters can do for your business and why they are a must-use marketing tool. 

1. Get you the eyeballs (visibility)

Newsletters allow you to reliably reach your customers when social media algorithms are consistently putting creators’ content in front of fewer and fewer people.

To put it in perspective:

  • How many people see your Facebook posts? Right now, it’s about 6% of your followers on average (and keeps shrinking with new algorithm updates).
  • How about Twitter? Difficult to say, but definitely nowhere close to all of your followers.
  • Your blog? Well, Google Analytics can give you a good idea, but the short answer is: it varies.
  • How many people get your email newsletter: nearly 100% of those who sign up.

Your subscription list is a guaranteed audience – everyone who signs up will receive your email and will make an active decision to read it or delete it. 

Only a newsletter can do this. 

Good newsletters routinely get opened and read by 25-50% of the people who sign up. Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? None of them can offer anything close to that.

But it gets better.

2. Build an audience that wants more of YOU

Emails don’t just get you eyeballs – your subscriber list gives you a collection of people who want to hear what you have to say. 

So not only are people reading your newsletter, but your audience is already interested in what you offer. Your subscriber list is a self-selecting target audience. Audience targeting doesn’t get better (or more effective) than that. 

This allows you to grow a base of loyal followers through personalized messages that build trust. Why is that important? Because it translates into people buying your products or recommendations because they trust what you have to say.

3. Speak to your customers about their interests

Email newsletter services offer the ability to segment your audience to get relevant information to the right people, which reduces frustration and builds loyalty.

This is especially helpful if you cover a range of topics or offer a variety of services or products. 

For example, if you talk about different types of pets, you can segment your list into dog lovers, cat lovers, and more, so you’re only speaking to them about the issues and products they care about.

It saves them time, shows respect for your audience, and builds more trust (which increases sales).

4. Newsletters have the best conversion rates

Email offers much higher click-through rates vs. social media (as much as 6x more effective). That’s a huge difference. This is why, hands down, the best way to make a sale is from your subscriber list. 

Your customer email list is marketing gold because it’s a self-selected target market that wants more from you and invites you to market directly to them. 

All you have to do is give them what they want.

5. Provide crucial analytics

Email newsletter service providers give measurable analytics that you can use to make informed strategic decisions in your business. 

With this data, you can see what types of subject lines create better open rates, what types of products get more clicks, and even what day (or time of day) results in more people reading your emails.

Then you can use this data to make adjustments to your email marketing strategy and increase profits.

Email marketing can be intimidating at first

If you’re new to email marketing, there’s a bit of a learning curve as you learn terminology and technology. For example:

  • What’s an autoresponder?
  • How do I get people to sign up?
  • How do I make a newsletter?

Don’t stress yourself out trying to learn it all at once! 

You can create test accounts on any of the services mentioned below. Play around with them, send some test emails, and learn how everything works. 

Then pick the one you are most comfortable with for your email marketing and learn about more features as you go.

Whatever you do, sign up for at least one of these services and start building your subscription list today. Having a newsletter is one of the best things you can do for your home-based business.

The 7 best free email newsletter service providers

As a new (or fairly new) business, using a full-price email service provider (ESP) can be cost-prohibitive. Luckily several ESPs provide free plan options, making them a great tool to use as you start your email marketing journey.

Here’s a review of the seven best free email newsletter services to help you decide which is best for your needs.

1. Brevo