Are you looking for ways to make extra money from home? One unexpected way to generate cash and passive income is to rent things you already own! Stuff that you have and that somebody else needs. Stuff that you’re not always using. Wondering what sorts of items you can rent for money? You’d be surprised!

Here are 21 things you can rent for money.

1. Rent Your Land to Campers

Gamping or garden camping is a new and ingenious way to earn money from your land. You don’t necessarily need tons of acreage to do it, either. Part of the appeal of garden camping is the easy access to amenities like water, electricity, and bathrooms, so you can rent your backyard just as easily as your farm or forest property.

How it works: List your space and decide if you want to let campers ‘bare pitch’ (bring their own tents, trailers, and motorhomes) or if you’re going to provide a fully accommodated, ready-to-camp experience.

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