Want to get paid to listen to music? You can earn money by simply tuning in to your favorite songs while on the go! Talk about earning passive income! 

Whether you love to crank the music up on those warm, sunny days or you enjoy listening to some motivational beats while going for a run, music is a great way to lift your spirits and get you moving. 

When you add in the benefit that several platforms will now pay you to listen to music, it’s a win-win! 

If you spend time listening to music, you’ll want to read on to learn how you can get paid to tune in every day! 

Below are 11 of the best ways to earn extra cash simply by listening to music! 

How Much Will I Earn Listening to Music?

The amount of money you’ll earn listening to music will depend on how often you log in, listen, and, in some cases, write reviews. 

Some of the sites below don’t require you to do anything but listen to music and rate the songs. Others involve watching a music video, writing a full review, or transcribing music lyrics. 

On average, you can make between $100 to $200 per month simply by listening to music and rating songs! 

Another great way to earn more is by signing up on more than one of the platforms listed below. 

1. Current Rewards

With this music app, listening to your favorite tunes can bring in over $600 a year! 

Here’s how you can get paid to listen to music with Current Rewards