Living in or near New York City means there are plenty of job opportunities. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to some of the best pizza joints in the country, it’s safe to say it’s a city full of something for everyone in terms of culture, entertainment, and work. But are there many work at home jobs in New York?

After COVID-19, many companies have embraced the opportunity to work from home, including the bustling New York City. Gone are the days of long subway commutes, business attire, and nosy co-workers. You can work from the comfort of home with many national and New York-based companies!

So whether you live in Manhattan or one of the other five boroughs or find yourself in upstate New York, there are many work at home jobs in New York that don’t require any commute!

20 Well-Paying Work From Home Jobs in New York

1. ACD Direct

Completely virtual, ACD Direct