When it comes to surviving and thriving during this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to understand what your options are. Each person is going to have a unique skill set and that’s what makes finding a side hustle fun.

You are
going to have the opportunity to explore options that may not have been on your
mind before the pandemic. 

The importance of finding a side hustle that works cannot be stated enough. It can be a life-changer both during a pandemic and after it goes away.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 side
hustles to consider during COVID-19 and what makes them such an easy-going fit
for your needs.

#1. Affiliate Marketing 

This is heralded for being one of the most powerful side hustle options on the planet. There are thousands of people doing well in the affiliate marketing space and many have them have turned this side hustle into a full-time career.

It simply makes that much money for
them, which is why affiliate marketing is such an important side hustle to look
at and think about.

What is the purpose behind affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the idea of being paid a commission for selling a third-party product. For example, if you are running a blog and put up Amazon affiliate links, anyone that clicks on these links and makes a purchase will put money in your pocket. Over time, this can start to add up, especially when you are generating multiple clicks throughout the day.

It comes in
various forms and it doesn’t just have to be a blog. It can be something as
simple as an email newsletter as long as you are redirecting leads towards a
business for commissions. 

#2. Article Writing

Writing is something that comes naturally to a lot of people and it can lead to a good amount of money. With no more than a few hours each day, you can churn out articles for clients and start earning money.

The beauty of article writing is, you don’t need fancy equipment and just a simple computer with an Internet connection will do. You can easily type up the content and send it over to the client.

There are
several ways of doing this as some will head over to sites such as Upwork,
while others will look for online services that hire writers to work for them.
You can try both avenues and start picking up clients right away.

#3. Web

Are you good at designing
websites? Perhaps you have been doing this for fun at home?

designing is a highly sought-after gig when it comes to clients that need new
websites. There is always someone out there looking to have a website design,
which means you are going to be able to find work right away.

You can
find new clients on sites such as Upwork and begin to put together a portfolio
of clients. This is the charm of a good side hustle that’s in demand right now.
Web designing isn’t going to be going away anytime soon, so it’s best to cash
in and see how well you can do. 

#4. Translation Services

Translation services have become
increasingly popular in recent years because a lot of people are appreciating
how globalized the world is. This globalization has led to everyone want to
understand content in other languages and making sure everything is as streamlined
as possible.

If you are
someone that is bilingual or knows multiple languages, why not focus on
translating content? It’s a great way to help others and will lead to a good
amount of money too.

The rarity of finding good translators makes it a great side hustle. There is always demand and people want to find someone that is legitimate. This allows you to build a good portfolio of clients quickly while learning more about what works and what doesn’t. For those who want to get started with translating services, it’s best to look on sites such as Upwork or sign up with translation companies that hire translators. 

#5. Shopping Services

COVID-19 has led to everyone
staying inside as a way to remain safe. This is essential for both the
community you reside in and your health. However, whenever something like this
happens, there are new opportunities that arise and that’s where shopping
services come into action.

Whether it’s Uber Eats, Instacart,
or any other type of shopping service, there is always room to make money.

You can
sign up to work through one of these services and start shopping for other
clients. This is going to give you a small fee for picking up products from the
store or doing grocery shopping.

In some
cases, you can also start signing people up for your personalized service if
you want to cut out the middleman. The idea behind doing this is looking for
local leads and trying to get them to sign up with you. As soon as they do
this, they can send in orders and you will pick them up from the store on their

It’s one of
those in-demand side hustles that will lead to good money once you have new
clients rolling in. 

Final Thoughts – Side Hustles

Side hustles are a wonderful option
for those trying to push through this pandemic. It is one of those situations that
can start to take a toll on your mind and your finances, but having a side
hustle is a great way to change things up.

Along with making a bit of money on the side, you are also going to get the opportunity to put your skills to the test. This is an ideal option for anyone that is serious about earning money and making the most of their time at home. Rather than settling for nothing, why not put in the time to learn, adapt, and persevere through a side hustle?

The right mindset is all you need and then it’s just a matter of finding a good-paying path.

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