Working online as a freelancer or an entrepreneur is an increasingly popular and rewarding career path. It offers the freedom and independence that many people strive for during their working life, and many companies themselves are turning to freelancers and remote workers because they’re more productive.

The following tips and tricks shed light on the phenomenon and explain how you can become independent too ….

Ways to Become Independent by Working Online

#1. It Pays

According to the data, there were over 64.6 million freelancers in the United States as of 2022, a sizeable number were earning more than $100,000 a year. That’s $100,000 for being their own boss and working on their own terms.

Whereas freelancers used to earn significantly less than their peers in regular employment, these independents now average over $65,000 and are more able than ever to charge what they’re worth.

Companies now see the value in hiring from a large pool of professionals from all over the world to complete specific projects, rather than relying on less experienced full-time employees.

And, just like most careers, seniority and experience result in higher pay. Freelancers over the age of 53 earned a median income of $77,000 in 2017.

#2. But, You Must Start Slow

Just like anything else it takes time to become successful working online, that’s why most people start freelancing or developing an online business alongside their regular job. This can be done in the evenings or weekends.

The most common route for freelancers is to join a community like UpWork that connects them with clients. Once you’ve spent time successfully completing gigs and building up the positive feedback on your profile, you can begin charging more.

Eventually, you will have enough return clients to function independently of the freelancer websites, which gives you time to develop your own brand. You can then consider whether you can do it fulltime and quit your job.

#3. Don’t Become Lazy

Most people dislike work, not necessarily because of the job itself but all that other little extra unnatural stuff, like wearing an uncomfortable suit and tie, rushing around in the morning and getting stuck in traffic jams or braving the crowds on the commuter train.

It creates a lot of background stress that is eliminated by remote working online. Maybe you wake up at 11, maybe you do half the day’s work while lounging in bed with your tablet.

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However, with freedom comes responsibility. To have the most success try to limit distractions and laziness. Perhaps you put on that tie because it helps you focus or you set your alarm anyway. Setting a daily schedule is also important because now you have to manage your own time.

#4.  You Can Start Your Own Website

Of course, working online is not limited to freelancing. You can also make money from blogging or running your own website by publishing ads alongside content, selling links, and marketing products.

Particularly successful websites can be somewhat autonomous, providing continual income with only minor updates and maintenance. This is what you should be aiming for if you want the most independence in life.

#5.  There Are Many Other Online Business Models

The range of online business opportunities is endless. From online stores eCommerce and mCommerce to premium apps and services. You can even obtain $1,000 loans or other funding online to get over the start-up hurdle. If you have a background in web or mobile development, why not create your own business instead of working for someone else and doing all the hard work for them?

#6.  The Freedom to Travel

The benefits of working online all centre on the independence it brings you.

The vast majority of freelancing fields and web-based businesses require not much more than a laptop and a wi-fi connection.

That is incredibly liberating and it’s no surprise that a generation of young people are pioneering the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle – traveling the world, with no home or work-based, earning money via the technology they bring with them.

Just remember your noise-cancelling headphones, secured laptop bag, and SkyRoam portable wi-fi hub for those spotty areas.

#7. The Freedom for Family

Of course, that doesn’t mean all online workers use their freedom to backpack around Europe or Asia. It also takes the strain off family life, allowing you to work from home and spend more time being a loving husband or wife, and father or mother.

You have the ability to drop everything at a moment’s notice and don’t have to wait until you clock off or leave the office at 5 pm.

Tip: Setup a specific room or summer-house as your home office, to keep you focused and prevent distractions when you must focus the most.

Are You Ready to Work Online?

In the past, the nature of work required people to go to a workplace or the site of a job, but with the advent of the internet and rise of mobile technology, jobs based around information and data do not require a central location.

Millions of people are now finding their independence by working remotely online. Are you one of them?

How to Become Independent by Working Online

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