If you’re looking for the best refer-a-friend programs, keep reading; we have a huge list of ways to make extra money and earn freebies with referral links.

It’s incredible how much technology evolves and changes every day. Remember when we used to clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper and look for recommendations in Consumer Reports Magazine? Now we check our inboxes for daily deals, grab coupons from our smartphones, and search online for recommendations.

With all these technological advances, companies are looking for new ways to introduce consumers to their products and services. One such way that they are doing this is through referral links and refer-a-friend programs.

Instead of paying money for traditional advertising, brands offer freebies and cash incentives to consumers who spread the word about their products and services.

The cool thing about making money with referral links is you don’t need a website to spread the word. You can do it via your social media profiles, text messages, and email accounts.

How Do You Get Started with Referral Reward Programs? 

The first thing you need to do is get an account with the referral company. Once you set up your account, they’ll provide you with a unique referral link that tracks when friends and family members sign up through your tracking link.

You then share your links via email, text, online, and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and when a friend signs up and does the necessary action, you’ll be credited with cash, points, credits, or the like.

Are you ready to earn free swag and make money with referral links?

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