Internet gave us what globalization promised – a market for everything. Whatever it is that you are trying to sell; there would be someone in some corner of the world interested in buying it from you.

Even all those photographs lying around in your computer taking up all that space? Yes, them too. And doesn’t your bank account already sound like a better home for them?

How to Make Money Selling Photos Online From Home

Yes. You have heard me right. You could in fact make money selling photos online from home.
How?? Well, let’s start with the basics.

Make Money Selling Photos Online

Things You Would Need

• A decent quality camera

• An eye for photography and

• A little bit of creativity

What To Click

Just like any other business, uniqueness and quality is what sells here too.

Choose contents inaccessible to other photographers. A photo of the Statue of Liberty clicked by a million other amateurs and professionals isn’t probably going to sell. But a snap of that weird looking plant in your backyard might.

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Be creative with colors, lighting and composition. It’s about finding the interesting in the ordinary. Everyone sees the same things you see, but not the way you see them. That’s the kind of photographic eye you have got to have to make money selling photos online from home.

Make Money Selling Photos Online

Choosing The Online Agency

What if Pele was born in a not-so-football crazy country! Imagine all that talent and skill going unnoticed. The platform you choose to showcase your photographic talent is as important as your talent itself.

Choose from among the plethora of stock photography agency sites available online. The popular and best place to sell photos online that pop into my head are:

Each one of them comes with its own quality standards and minimal requirements. No, nothing to be scared of here. This simply means that a photo rejected by ShutterStock might be accepted by CanStockPhoto.

Invest some time into researching about every one of them and understanding their requirements clearly. Choose the sites that suit your style the best. Register accounts with as many agencies as you can.

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Most of these agencies let you register for free. But some of them might pose a cumbersome application process requiring IDs, passports and other documents. A few agencies even require you to pass an online test.

Nothing to be afraid of again if you are a photographer with a decent acquaintance with lenses and shutter-speeds.

stock photography agency sites available online

Promote Yourself And Your Work

More the merrier is what works well here. A store with too many empty shelves never looks attractive, does it? Upload as many photos as you can to these agency sites. Make your portfolio huge and diverse. It makes your profile look good and that ought to get you noticed.

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Ensure that all your photos are appropriately labeled, tagged and categorized making it easy for a buyer to find it.

Now what you need is some good promotion. And nobody does it better than yourself. Use your Top Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners – Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus could be the sign-boards that lead way to your stock photography profiles.

Additional Tips On How To Sell My Photos Online For Money

  • Try not to include any copyrighted material in your photography and stock photography portfolio.
  • Obtain a model release for any recognizable person in you photos. Model release forms could be downloaded from any of your agency sites.
  • Post-production matters – edit and prepare your images well.

Your Own Website

The agency sites come with the promise of a larger market. But are you a bit uncomfortable with all that rules, guidelines and standards limiting your creativity?

Well, then you could always go for your very own stock photography site. It would of course require you to invest a little more time, money and effort as compared to the former option. But, the freedom it would give is the obvious upside and you could also get rid of the agency commissions. The ad income you could get is another added advantage if you are interested in that.

In my opinion, buying a pre-designed portfolio based website would be the smarter thing to do unless you want to design it yourself.

Don’t Quit Your Other Job – Yet

The well stated fact that you could make money selling photos online from home doesn’t mean that you should quit your other job expecting to be rich overnight.

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In the beginning stages, consider it as nothing more than a part-time profession and simply as doing something you have a passion for. And who knows what, of all the places your undying passion for photography could take you, one day it could be richness.

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sell my photos online for money

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