Considering working from home as a transcriptionist? If you can type well and accurately, you may be the perfect fit for this flexible work-from-home job. As you start to search for legitimate transcription jobs that you can work from home, you’re bound to come across Rev. 

Rev is an option that many new and intermediate transcriptionists should consider. Rev provides consistent work and pays you competitively per audio minute. This Rev review will cover everything you need to know to help you decide if you should apply for their freelance transcriptionist or captioner role.

Rev Review

Rev is a popular website that helps people get their audio and video content converted to text. They offer transcription, subtitle, and captioning services and charges by the minute. 

What sets Rev apart is that they promise quick delivery without compromising accuracy or quality. This means that transcriptionists and captioners are encouraged to work quickly and efficiently on content projects. Other services that Rev offers include foreign subtitles and automatic live captions for Zoom meetings and webinars. Rev works with everyone from large and small-sized businesses to entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and more.

How to Make Money with Rev

There are a few ways to make money with Rev as a freelancer. Two of the most common are by becoming a transcriptionist or a captioner.

1. Transcriptionist

If you like typing and can type pretty fast, Rev’s transcription opportunity is one of the best for remote workers. You’ll be tasked with listening to audio and video content and then accurately describing what you hear. In short, the audio content should be turned into a word-for-word text document. 

The material you transcribe can be anything from a podcast or video to a focus group interview or even class lectures. 

2. Captioner

A captioner is a little different from a transcriptionist. Captioners must watch videos and accurately type what is said. In addition to transcribing precisely what’s said in the video, you must also describe other sounds you might hear, whether it’s music or a brief sound effect.

Closed captions must be very precise as they can be used to help someone who’s deaf or has their hearing impaired better understand and enjoy the content. Captioners also time the captions, so they appear at the same time they do in the audio. Rev’s captioning jobs can range from writing captions for YouTube videos to working on closed captions for a movie or a brand’s marketing videos. 

3. Foreign Subtitles Translator

Another type of work you can do through Rev is translating foreign subtitles. If you speak another language, you could take English-written subtitles and translate them into another language. This way, people who view the content and want to read subtitles in another language can do so. 

Job Qualifications

To become a transcriptionist or captioner with Rev, you must have strong English language skills and be able to transcribe audio accurately. You’ll also need a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet to complete your work. This is the perfect freelance job for a beginner transcriptionist since you don’t need any prior experience. Currently, Rev hires freelancers from the United States (excluding California), Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and Ireland.

How to Apply For Jobs on Rev

To apply for a position with Rev, click on the purple “become a freelancer